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Shipment Status

Shipment status should be updated to reflect the current state of the Shipment. Acceptable values are:

  • unshipped - Default status. Shipment has not been shipped yet.
  • shipped - Shipment is on its way from the location_from_id to the location_to_id.
  • cancelled - Shipment has been voided.
  • closed - Shipment has been completely unpacked at the location_to_id.


The status of a shipment can only transition to a higher level status. For example, a shipment can not transition from shipped to unshipped. The shipment can transition from unshipped to shipped. Once it is shipped it can go into one of the final state statuses of cancelled or closed. A shipment can start in any status but transition rules apply once it is created.

Inventory Adjustments are made when a shipment transitions to shipped. Adjustments may also happen when a shipment is moved to cancelled or closed. See shipment inventory adjustments for more details.