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POs and STOs

A stock transfer order is a request to transfer inventory between locations, while a purchase order is a request to purchase goods or services from a supplier. Both can be represented with the objects below.


A Stock Transfer Order or Purchase Order can be represented with an Order.

An Advance Ship Notice can be represented with a Shipment. A Shipment should contain one or many Shipment Items to indicate what items and quantities can be expected upon arrival.

Advance Ship Notice Receipts can be represented with a Shipment Receipt which is linked to a Shipment.

The Shipment has metadata on it such as order_number and external_ids that can make it unnecessary to link to an Order. The Complete lifecycle for a Stock Transfer Orders can be represented with:

  • Shipments
  • Shipment Items
  • Shipment Receipt Items

If you would like to link an oder to a shipment you can do so by linking Order Fulfillment Line Items to Shipment Line Items using the call here.

Shipments API POs and STOs