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Warehouse Location Map

The Warehouse Location Map field is used by plays and steps to link ChannelApe Inventory Management System Location IDs to Warehouses. Information in the map is needed for order fulfillment, inventory, and ship confirmation processing.

The following fields are required for each warehouse entry:

  • warehouse
  • company
  • locationId
  • name
  • id
  • zipCode


"warehouse": "KYSPL",
"company": "United Parcel Service",
"locationId": "596",
"name": "UPS East Coast",
"id": "UPSF",
"zipCode": "40165"
"warehouse": "CAMRL",
"company": "United Parcel Service",
"locationId": "597",
"name": "UPS West Coast",
"id": "UPSW",
"zipCode": "91752"